We exist to give our customers what they need to ensure they reach their domestic and global consumers and grow their business. We exist to make lives easier for eCommerce businesses. We create domestic and global growth by providing a reliable and affordable service you can trust. Every time.

Our Services

US Parcel Delivery
PARCLL is a fast-growing US delivery provider and operates a strategic network built to optimize eCommerce direct-to-consumer shipping within the United States. Expect reliable delivery service and full tracking.
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Global Parcel Delivery
PARCLL is also a leading cross-border DDP delivery solution for eCommerce with focus on the UK, Europe, Canada and other key destinations worldwide. Always tracked to door with full visibility.
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Parcel Return
PARCLL Return allows you to offer consumers a in-country return solution throughout Europe, Canada and other overseas markets with value added options such as reship in country and many more.
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Consumer Experience
With PARCLL, the consumer experience is paramount. Our domestic network is built on legacy last mile capabilities with leading providers to ensure reliable and consistent delivery. Our export DDP service guarantees that your consumers receive smooth delivery to their door by a preferred local carrier, without any customs hassle or unexpected extra duty or tax charges. 
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Global Destinations

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    PARCLL delivery service into Canada

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    PARCLL delivery service into the USA

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    PARCLL delivery service into Europe

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    PARCLL delivery service into China

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    PARCLL delivery service into Japan

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    PARCLL delivery service into Australia

Case Studies

3PL Provider: AMS Fulfillment

AMS Fulfillment is a leading 3rd party fulfillment company headquartered in Southern California. Being a client-centric, pro-active management style company, AMS always aspires to provide their clients not just with reliable fulfillment services, but also with the best worldwide shipping options. AMS makes use of the Parcll international delivery network to enhance the consumer experience for online sellers and to lower their costs, creating an overall excellent service for all ecommerce brands.


Ecommerce Brand: Chicwish

Chicwish is a large online native brand that is selling affordable fashion to consumers globally. Prior to working with Parcll, Chicwish had difficulties to expand into the European market due to high shipping prices and longer transit times. With Parcll, Chicwish has managed to continuously grow their sales to European consumers and their repeat customer rate from the EU.

Marketplace Seller: Amazon

A large Amazon seller of nutraceuticals made in USA had been planning to expand his sales to Amazon UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. With Parcll, he is finally able to do so effectively. Parcll picks up packages from his California FBM warehouse (fulfilled by merchant) and delivers DDP directly to European consumers. Full tracking is available on the Amazon tracking page and all VAT charges are known upfront and included in the sales price.

Shipping Platform: Postmen

Parcll strives to partner with the best logistics software providers in the market to create the best experience for online sellers of various volumes and industries. Postmen.com partners with Parcll for their international DDP deliveries. Postmen allows online sellers of all sizes to fulfill their order from one place, by connecting online marketplaces and shop systems directly with Parcll.

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