Ecommerce Shipping: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Shipping

Vanessa Tran , Nov 24 2020

Every company that wants to bring their business to the internet needs to consider all its shipping possibilities. Shipping is a complicated issue, and businesses can potentially stumble when making this transition.

We’d like to share what, in our experience, is the best way to get shipping started for any sized business. Parcll provides simple, affordable options so that anyone can have skin in the game when it comes to online shopping, gift delivery, and much more!

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Steps To Efficient, Profitable Shipping

There are several steps to getting started in the shipping business, and Parcll wants to make it quick and easy to get going down the right path. 

Setting goals, choosing the right shipping options, online shipping, and considering the top factors in shipping are all attainable steps to increase your business! 

Are you wondering what else affects shipping? We let you know how seasons can affect shipping costs too!

Set Goals

The first step to every journey is to choose realistic goals. Setting the framework for how you want to move forward is covered in 5 different types of goals. 

Those goals are to:

  • Reduce Costs of Shipping
  • Increase Order Sizes and Value
  • Reach A Broader Customer Base
  • Improve Shipping Efficiency
  • Convert More Customers

Meeting all of these goals will be different for each business, but coming up with solutions to these goals will keep things on track to keep growing. Each goal is flexible and should be adjusted as you reach each new target!

Choose From The Top Shipping Options
There are several shipping options available to everyone, and I’m sure once you see them, you’ll know them right away! Each shipping option has its place, and many companies use all of these options on varying products.

The best shipping options are:

  • Free Shipping
  • Same Day Delivery
  • Standard Delivery (2-3 days)
  • In-Store Pickup

Each choice will have different ideal situations, so you have to determine which is best for your business. For example, free shipping is used on products with larger markups because people will see free shipping and be happy to pay extra for a product.

Same-day delivery is also a fantastic option that customers find a lot of value in and are willing to pay extra money. I’m sure you already know which ones you’d prefer.

Take Into Account The Most Important Factors In Shipping

Many businesses lose money on shipping because they don’t consider how much it will cost them before putting a “reasonable” price on the shipping fee. Size, weight, distance, and which carrier is needed all add to the final price.

To make the most out of shipping, make sure that each of these is factored in before providing a price to your customers. If the weight is input wrong or the size is just a little bit off, it can end up reducing the profits you see in the final sale.

Are you looking for other great tips? Check out how to find the best international parcel company.

Choose The Right Online Shipping Options

In-store shipping is very different than online shipping options. Each business will want different prices to encourage people to shop in-store while still giving online shoppers the opportunity.

As the customer puts in their information for shipping, there are automatic tools that you can leverage to ensure you’re keeping safe with your shipping.

These tools will help, but you can also hire a consultant or calculate it all yourself! 

Make sure you’re looking for:

  1. How much the item markup is
  2. Packaging costs and size of the item
  3. Shipping destination
  4. Which carrier will be needed for the quickest and cheapest delivery

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Types of Shipping

The three common types of shipping available are different than the options listed above. These shipping types will determine which customers come back if you’re competitive and if it meets expectations.

The first type of shipping and the easiest to offer is free shipping. This one is self-explanatory and offers your customers the highest value. You determine if the customer value or the bottom line for the business is the biggest challenge here.

Real-time carrier rates are another option you can offer. Checking the best carrier each time and providing that rate to your customer is an excellent balance between free and reasonable. Some easy rules can be made if you want to take a bit off for a loyal customer or mark up the shipping as a standard option.

Flat rate shipping is less standard, but it can be useful for businesses that sell small items. People will order more to “save” on their shipping, which can be a massive win for the company. In this case, you’d make the shipping cost $10, $20, etc. based on what the customer is ordering or the number of items.

If you have questions or aren’t sure about which options are best for your business, give us a ring!

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Who Are We?

Parcll is a shipping solution for online businesses. We are a global business, so borders don’t become an issue when you decide to sign up with us!

Our pride is that we value our customers over everything and seek to give the best value to the businesses that trust our services. Parcll was founded with a vision to save businesses and allow them to expand beyond their hometowns.

Hire The Professionals

Parcll is a leading business that provides fast, trackable shipping for our clients. We enter into a partnership with our clients to ensure that their companies can go global with their businesses!
We are here to provide a premium, affordable parcel delivery service with years of experience catering to unique businesses. Reach out to Parcll, where your shipping always goes the furthest!

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