Finding The Best Shipping Software for Your Business

Vanessa Tran , Jan 24 2021

Every business starts somewhere, and as they grow, they need to have the right tools to keep moving forward successfully. This is why we at Parcll want to give your business the shipping tools you need to succeed!

Tracking packages, labeling shipments, returning products, and everything else that comes with owning an eCommerce business requires meticulous management, and software can help every step of the way. 

We are lucky today that nearly all of a business’s shipping needs can be met by technology. Since all the tools are out there on the internet, we’d like to help narrow down the most critical aspects to finding the best shipping software.

When you are looking to expand internationally, Parcll is here to provide! We are an international shipping company that provides all the tools you need to be successful in shipping!


What Software Do You Need?


There are countless amounts of software available for shipping. Most companies will need multiple tools to meet all of the requirements for a smooth shipping process.

Parcll prides itself on integrating well with any software, so we’d like to help you choose the right one when trying to meet your business’s shipping needs.

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Customers love to watch their packages go from stage to stage throughout the shipping process, and to provide this perk; your business will need package tracking software. Some shipping companies offer this out of the box, but if you don’t have a way to track your packages, this is a priceless piece of software to have.


International Shipping


Suppose you have decided to bring your business global and use an international shipping company like Parcll to expand. In that case, you will want software to calculate international taxes, fees, and duty costs. 

These can sneak up over time, so you’ll want to ensure they are factored into shipping costs.




Labeling software allows a business to connect their store to the shipping companies they work with. Usually, a worker would have to input the customer’s shipping details into the shipping company’s website to print a label.

With labeling software, your store connects directly to the shipping company to provide easy labeling when sending out your products. This software will cut down on human error and save hours of labor per week.


Shipping Options At Checkout


Many businesses will only offer one type of shipping at checkout because they don’t have software to calculate the costs. Customers value options highly, so if they want a one-day delivery, one-week delivery, or free delivery, it’s good to provide them with the choice.

Ensure your company has software that creates multiple shipping options to keep your customers coming back.


Returns Processing


Most customers don’t take the time to return products, but the process must go smoothly when they do. Many businesses have lost money because their return process is too complicated, and the customer never comes back as a result.

Numerous software providers make creating return labels and getting your product back seamless.

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What Do Customer’s Want?


When it comes to shipping, it has become a business strategy to provide the right type of shipping at the right time. If a business knows what customers want, they can offer more value than the company down the road. 

In our experience, low cost, speed, and variety are the three most significant factors in closing the deal.

Low Shipping Cost


We have sung the praises of free shipping, but if your business needs to offer shipping costs, we’d recommend keeping them under twenty dollars. Keeping the cost down can be difficult, but fewer shopping carts are abandoned when you have a lower shipping cost.

Customers will continue buying from your company if they know the final cost is reasonable in their eyes.


Speedy Delivery


If a customer needs to order a birthday gift overnight because they forgot, you can be the business they think of. Offering faster delivery options is a massive benefit for customers.

Most customers see this as the business valuing their product, and they will pay it forward by ordering from your shop more often!


Options For Shipping


Some customers are happy to have a package take two weeks to reach their doorstep, but many people want the option to have one-day delivery. Providing your customers the choice of what shipping they receive is one of the top things customers look for.

This puts control into the hands of customers as to how much they spend on shipping. And if they decide to spend a little more on one-day delivery, your business wins too!

When you need fast, affordable, international delivery, Parcell is the only choice! We’re happy to help your business push to its highest limits.



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Top-Rated Software For Each Category


We have mentioned tracking, international shipping, returns, labeling, and shipping options software. Now that the need for these products is here, we’d like to provide some options that we know are top-notch.

Here are some of the top options for each category:

  1. Labeling - ShipStation or ShippingEasy
  2. Returns - AfterShip or ShipStation
  3. Shipping Options - ShipperHQ
  4. International Shipping - EasyShip
  5. Package Tracking - ShipStation

There are several other options out on the internet, but we hope this helps narrow your search slightly. Having great software behind your business is pivotal to success.

Great Shipping Is The Backbone of a Company


Parcll is a company that prides itself on providing world-class, affordable international shipping. Still, we wouldn’t be where we are if we didn’t have reliable software behind all of our systems. Making sure that your company has the right tools when they are shipping their products is crucial to growth.

We hope that you have learned about a few pieces of software that you can use to provide your customers with more value when buying from you. From labeling software to returns tracking, everything here gives your customers a reason to keep coming back and buying more!

Thinking about expanding your business into a global market? Parcll is easy to work with and always happy to help with your international shipping needs!

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