How to Add Subscription Box Services to Your Company

Vanessa Tran , Oct 30 2020

Something that’s been getting more and more popular throughout the past few months is subscription box services. In 2020, there are thousands of subscription box services. From April 2014 to April 2018, the service box industry grew by 890%

Basically, subscription box services are quite popular and many eCommerce companies are using them as a way to excite and surprise their customers, building loyal subscribers in the process.

You’re probably wondering how you can start your own subscription box company. Of course, you’ll need fast, affordable, quality cross-border B2C shipping from Parcll Delivery. But let’s first find out how to get a subscription box service started. 

What is a Subscription Box?

A subscription box is a recurring product delivery aimed at providing further value and excitement to customers. Think ready-to-cook meal delivery services like Blue Apron or themed monthly goodie boxes, like Lootaku’s exclusive anime figures and plush boxes. 

Monthly subscription boxes give customers the ability to try out new products, often leading to them discovering more items at your online store that they’re interested in purchasing again. It also offers a stable financial model with customers paying for a new box each month. 

A subscription box service generally includes: 

  • A recurring subscription
  • Physical items
  • Surprise products 
  • Curated content
  • A way to save on products
  • Fun packaging

What Products Go in a Subscription Box?

If you already have an online retail store, you will want the subscription box contents to reflect your current inventory. For example, if you’re an athletic-wear company, you’d want the subscription boxes to be a variety of exercise clothing and useful workout accessories. 

If you don’t already have a storefront, you need to find high-quality products from over the internet that will appeal to a certain targeted demographic, including products from local retail stores, niche eCommerce stores, Etsy, wholesalers, and vendors.

Study trends in the marketplace you have your eye on. If you are hoping to excite anime fans, look up the most popular anime, or which manga recently released a new chapter. Learn which figures and plushes are most desirable.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Subscription Box?

There is no fixed price when it comes to how much you’ll spend per subscription box. Just keep in mind how much you will be charging for the boxes each month (which ranges from $10 to $40), building your budget around these prices. 

How Do You Market a Subscription Box? 

There are a couple of successful strategies to keep in mind when it comes to marketing your subscription box service. The first is an initiative affiliate marketing program, paying affiliates when they refer a customer to your service. Try out affiliate programs like Flex Offers and Skimlinks. 

Working with social media influencers is another popular route for subscription box services. A lot of influencers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are willing to endorse products for free. You can also reach out to YouTubers and podcasters, who are often looking for sponsors for their latest videos and episodes. In return, they will tell their followers all about the product in a genuine way that relates to their specific audience. So look for influencers that match your box’s demographic. 

Bloggers are another resource. Look for bloggers with high traffic and relevant content and see if they’ll do a review of your product in exchange for a free box. 

If you have existing customers for an eCommerce site, shoot out a newsletter or email outlining the subscription box service. Since they have already purchased your products before, offer them special deals like additional items or free monthly subscriptions in exchange for referrals. 

How to Create a Subscription Box Service

Start with a Unique Idea

As we mentioned earlier, subscription boxes are becoming more and more popular. This also means that there are a lot of boxes out there. You want yours to stand out and offer something different to your target audience. 

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Research and Price Your Box Correctly

Once you have your idea and theme, start looking into the proper budget. Your goal should be making a good profit without making the service too expensive. 

Create a Prototype of Your Box

Create a prototype of the subscription box to get a better idea of what packaging materials to use, the box dimensions, and packaging designs. This will also give you insight into your shipping method and the best way to get them out to your customers efficiently. 

Create a Website

If you already have a storefront, consider making a new seperate page that describes your subscription box service, including what it’s all about, what’s inside, and the pricing and shipping information. Make sure to include a link where customers can sign up for email newsletters and updates. 

Market Your New Service

Using blogging, social media marketing and paid advertising campaigns, start collecting emails and promoting your product to relevant online communities. 

Take Some Orders

Test your website beforehand to ensure it can properly handle orders without crashing. Make the process as easy and straightforward as possible. 

Ship the Ordered Boxes to Customers

This is where Parcll comes in. No matter where in the world your customers are, our Parcel Direct service provides express service, low costs, full tracking, and more. Basically, you want to get your boxes to customers as fast and cost-effective as possible, ensuring you’ll have repeat customers month after month. 

Closing Thoughts

Subscription boxes continue to be a fun and innovative way to gain loyal customers each month, but you do have to dedicate some time to improving the service and gaining new customers over time. As of February 2018, there were around 7,000 subscription box companies globally, meaning there’s a lot of competition. 

But with the right product, exciting packaging, and satisfying shipping, you can stand out in your chosen marketplace with ease. 

Contact Parcll Delivery today to find out how we can help. 

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