How to Be a Successful International E-Commerce Brand

Vanessa Tran , Oct 30 2020

The thought of scaling up a successful national brand into international markets can be daunting. Despite market saturation, it's still very possible if you approach the task with a level head. There are so many market factors that give online vendors a leg up today, even in international markets. At Parcll, we help medium to high volume businesses streamline their international shipping services. Here’s how you can optimize your business for international success.

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Going International 101

Although your brand may have garnered local success, going international poses new and unexpected challenges. The rule of thumb when going global is to keep the operation localized and within one's reach by storing all products in the US. It’s recommended to start slowly by safely testing the international market in a way that offers the least risk. 

Running an international brand can become overwhelming very quickly. It is therefore prudent to walk first before breaking into a run. Too often, vendors move too fast in the international expansion of their brands, and end up having to deal with costly mistakes. So:

Research is key

When you decide to expand their brand into overseas markets, you need to research with which global regions in the e-commerce landscape they want to start. The chosen region should be justified by solid online retail logistical reasons and backed by reliable annual online sales data for the category of products the vendor intends to sell. You can find out more about duties and customs requirements in various countries by scrolling to the bottom of our home page. These factors can help you make a decision about where to sell.

Research questions to ask

Where to sell - For instance, would expanding the brand to Canada and Europe be a better decision? Or would starting with India and China be a better expansion strategy? Use factors like purchasing power and population numbers to determine the right locations.

How to sell - Selling is often the easier part. Fulfilling the orders within a reasonable amount of time is where logistical challenges may arise. Global expansion may necessitate that one considers tweaking their online business model to lower operational costs and improve shipping efficiency.

Thorough research is crucial because reliable data can help you formulate an insightful strategy for smooth operations and natural growth.

Benefits of detailed market research

    • Assistance in formulating a strategy
    • Justification of the investment
  • Enabling an online vendor and their team to execute a global expansion plan within a manageable pace

Take advantage of global marketplaces

If you conduct research and discover that your products are in high demand in a selected region(s) of expansion, it’s time to gain consumer trust. 

Merchandise from global marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay sells faster than those from stand-alone websites. For that reason, it may be prudent for you to sell their merchandise through global marketplaces such as Amazon. Consumers have built trust over the years with such e-commerce platforms, and that’s why our shipping at Parcll Delivery is easy to integrate with reputable e-tailer platforms like Ebay, Amazon and Shopify.

Leveraging on that trust and the highly intensive traffic of over 300 million consumers on an e-commerce platform like Amazon may be the break that an expanding brand needs to enter into a global market successfully. Other platforms like Shopify easily allow you to expand into new markets as well.

Nail the Shipping

Shipping is the very backbone of online retail. It can make or break a brand that operates cross borders. 

It’s up to you to create effective marketing, advertising, selling and customer relations. With our efficient international parcel shipping services, you can concentrate on these core areas and rest easy knowing the customer will receive their purchases on time. We offer tracking capabilities, customs compliance, and services tailored to your businesses, freeing up your resources so you can focus on your bottom line.

Our Parcll Delivery B2C services connect you with international customers by delivering your merchandise across the border to their doorstep. We are able to offer tremendously affordable rates, due to the high volume of parcels we ship every day. With Parcll, your customers get to enjoy an amazing shopping experience without glitches and your brand continues to be available for international customers to enjoy. 

Localize shopping experience

When expanding to new foreign markets, it becomes imperative that those markets have a localized experience. You might consider writing product descriptions in a country’s local language and reflecting local consumer demand in your prices. Customers abroad should also be able to pay in local currency. Also, consider offering prices that include duty and taxes so consumers do not have to fear any additional unexpected charges at the time of delivery.

Customizing user experience to their local preferences has a direct impact on user experience and conversion.

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Consider optimizing M-commerce

A successful international brand in today's online retailing landscape must be accessible through mobile devices. In 2018, mobile sales in Europe 2017 were estimated to account for about 55% of online transactions. Website optimization is great, but building sites that can work seamlessly on mobile devices at fast speeds, with clearer displays and with enhanced user experience in accepting payments is crucial. 

The mobile commerce (M-commerce) trend is set on an upward trajectory for a long time to come.


Building a successful international brand isn't that easy, but with the right scalable approach, it can be a growth opportunity instead of a daunting challenge. Mapping out a clear brand expansion strategy backed by research only leads to better sales and profits (provided the market factors remain favorable). 

Tapping into online business trends such as M-commerce and targeting specific global market places are helpful keys in a brand becoming an online success internationally. Also, adopting a business model that enhances customer experience and lessens your operational load and cost can only lead to higher sales and profits with lesser work. An online vendor can have more time to advertise and market on social media and other online channels to improve sales of their merchandise. 

But if there’s one strategy out of these five that’s most important, it’s optimizing your shipping. Simple delivery for international consumers is the backbone of any cross border seller. That’s why Parcll Delivery offers efficient, flexible shipping services tailored to your needs. Get started with Parcll Delivery for international shipping with pure value.

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