How to Maximize Customer Satisfaction with Parcll Direct

Vanessa Tran , Oct 29 2020

E-commerce professionals are aware that building a successful business depends on gaining new customers as well as building a loyal customer base. After all, it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. So, what steps can you take to encourage repeat customers? The simple answer: Keep your customers happy.

Customer service, product quality and after-sales communication are the areas that get the most attention when discussing customer satisfaction. However, one area that gets overlooked is logistics. In the world of e-commerce shopping, logistics can make or break the customer experience.

Below are the best ways to maximize customer satisfaction with a global parcel shipping company like Parcll Delivery.

Send the Right Product

This may sound obvious, but inaccurate shipments are common enough in online retail. Sending the wrong product can result in a lost customer for life. Plus, the customer may write a negative review on social media, damaging your online reputation. To ensure a high level of accuracy, be sure to manage your inventory and perform regular accuracy checks.

Provide On Time Delivery

Consumers will abandon their shopping cart if the delivery date is unclear. Even though speed is crucial to customer satisfaction, transparency is most important. Not knowing when a shipment is coming is incredibly frustrating for buyers. Be honest and upfront about the different shipping options you offer, along with their expected delivery dates and prices.

Offer Different Shipping Solutions

Consumers appreciate flexible delivery options, such as standard, express and next day. Work with your parcel service to offer a number of delivery options. Display the prices clearly so that customers can choose the level they want. Most customers expect a door-to-door option, though many feel that a pick-up option is also important.

Use Order Tracking

Order tracking is something that every online retailer should offer. These email notifications keep customers in the loop as to where their package is and when it will be delivered. For example, Parcll Delivery provides detailed tracking updates for each shipment. Included with the tracking are multiple milestones and delivery confirmations. You and your customer will never have to worry about where the package is.

Choose the Best Shipping Partner

An e-commerce company is only as good as its shipping partner. With so many shipping options available, it’s not necessary for e-commerce businesses to lose customers over poor shipping experiences. After all, customers don’t see a separation between -the carrier and the retailer they are buying from. It’s all part of the purchasing experience. Knowing this, your parcel shipping service will be a direct reflection of your brand. Choose wisely.

Being an e-commerce retailer has its challenges, but having a strong shipping partner is one of the best ways to ensure seamless operations. Your customers will be happy, and this will turn them into loyal followers, building the foundation for a successful e-commerce business. As a leading international parcel shipping company, we at Parcll Delivery would love to help you increase your customer satisfaction. Reach out to us to get more tips on this topic!

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