How to Ship Perfume and Makeup the Safe Way

Vanessa Tran , Apr 15 2021

Online sales of makeup, perfume, and other beauty products continue to skyrocket as eCommerce provides easier shopping for millions. This is great news for sellers as the 12 billion dollar industry keeps growing. However, beauty industry eCommerce sellers need to understand how to pack and ship their products to avoid damage to delicate items. Sellers should research courier requirements, packing practices, and other considerations. Thankfully, our guide will fill you in on everything you need to know when it comes to shipping makeup and perfumes! 


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Best Tips and Techniques for Shipping Makeup


Here are some good tips for ensuring your products reach your customers as safely and quickly as possible.

  • Research the countries you will be shipping to. Different countries will have varying codes on what they will allow for cosmetic products. Some countries in Europe will also require labeling such as “handle with care.”
  • Ensure there are no restrictions from carriers regarding the ingredients in your products. Any ingredients will need to be labeled on the packaging as well. This may affect international shipping for perfumes and products that contain alcohol. 
  • Know your weight and volume requirements for shipping. You can optimize your packaging to fit volume requirements by perfecting your packaging to be compact while still providing plenty of protection for your products. 
  • Be completely transparent with your labeling. Your packages will be screened and could be held or destroyed by shipping authorities if found to be suspect or hazardous.
  • Find out if your ingredients will need to be labeled as hazardous, and know the extra fees associated with that. Aerosol sprays, nail polish removers, perfumes, and pressurized products often fall under this category.


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Can You Send Cosmetics and Perfume in the Mail?

Yes, you can! Sending makeup and perfume does require extra care due to their liquid and delicate nature. Here are some rules you need to follow when shipping with these common carriers:


FedEx Rules:

  • Your packaging must provide sturdy sides to prevent any damage to your parcel or breakage of the bottles or packages within. 
  • Bottles need to be wrapped in padded material and insulated from breaking while bouncing off of each other. 
  • It is required that leak-proof containers be used to house your liquid products.

UPS Rules:

  • The rules for shipping nonhazardous liquid products are the same for UPS. However, they don’t provide as clear of guidance for makeup and perfume products. Be sure to package your products securely, so they arrive undamaged.

USPS Rules:

  • The USPS has some stringent rules on perfume and makeup shipping. You can ship non-hazardous and non-flammable liquids inside waterproof packaging
  • For packages containing over 4oz of liquid, the rigid box needs to be packed for safety. The inside of the box should be wrapped in padding, and the products placed within a waterproof and absorbent container. 
  • The USPS does not allow domestic or international air-bound shipping of perfumes containing alcohol. However, they can still be delivered within the U.S. by only using ground shipping options.

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How to Package Makeup and Perfume Securely

Packing your products, so they arrive safely is important to ensure you don’t lose any inventory to damage and costly returns. Having packages arrive with undamaged contents will also make for happier customers!



Packing materials

  • Cardboard boxes - You will need quality cardboard boxes in various sizes to ship your products. When choosing sizes, remember that you will need to fit padding in with the product. 
  • Leak-proof containers - You will need these to meet shipping requirements for any liquid products. 
  • Temperature-regulating bubble wrap - Makeup products are very temperature-sensitive, so thermal bubble wrap can protect them from temperature shifts from the flights and the weather while shipping. 
  • Other protectors - Materials like packing peanuts, paper, and corrugated cardboard can create a safer and cozier trip for your products!
  • Quality packing tape and scissors

How to Pack Your Boxes

  • Wrap your cosmetics and perfume bottles separately and snugly in bubble wrap. You should wrap them around four times, depending on how fragile your item is. You may want to secure the wrap with a piece of tape. Never underestimate the knocks and bumps your package will endure during shipping!
  • Place the wrapped items in a leak-proof container. This is a good option even if your carrier doesn’t require this step. 
  • Pack a box neatly with a layer of packing material, then place your products in the center
  • Close the lid of the box, tape all the seams, and correctly label your package with directional arrows and any other required markings. 

Shipping Your Products

Once you have packed your products and researched all shipping guidelines for your specific product, now is the time to choose a quality shipping service

Each carrier offers advantages or drawbacks depending on their prices, the area you are shipping to, and other factors. For those who need to ship orders in bulk to their customers domestically and internationally, choosing a Delivered Duty Paid shipping provider will be an amazing option to remove stress and effort from the process. 

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Now that you know the ins and outs of shipping makeup and perfume, you can confidently get your packages delivered to happy customers. Don’t forget to double-check the shipping requirements of your customer’s country as well as your own!

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