Improving Conversion Rates With Easy Shipping

Vanessa Tran , Jul 13 2021



Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar or online store owner, sales are the most critical metric they follow. It’s a direct reflection of the business’s current state. However, the landscape is different for each type of store.


When customers shop in person, they’re more likely to go through with their purchase because of marketing psychology. Since it’s in front of them currently, they will be more inclined to buy it.


But when it comes to online stores, people are more likely to abandon their shopping carts. But why? It may have to do with your shipping rates. In this article, we’ll look at different ways you can improve conversion rates through your shipping methods.

1. Entice Customers With Free Shipping

People naturally hate paying for shipping. They feel that since the item already costs a certain amount of money, there should be no extra costs. It defeats the entire purpose of online shopping being a convenient option.


When consumers come to the review tab and see an inconvenience (shipping rate), they’ll abandon their purchase. So rather than having your customers leave their carts at check out because of the shipping rate, offer free shipping.


People love anything free because no one is forcing them to purchase it. By offering free shipping for your online store, customers will likely buy more products to meet the minimum amount needed.

2. Utilize Multiple Fulfillment Centers




Most of your customers won’t live in the same area, which can be a cause for concern with conversion rates. Also, if you’re only distributing from one fulfillment center, shipping rates will be higher depending on the area.


To increase your efficiency and subsequently conversion rates, ship your inventory from multiple fulfillment centers. Most international shipping providers, like Parcll, use shipping zones to calculate the costs. So the further the destination is from the origin, the higher the cost.


By distributing your inventory across the country, your customers will get their packages in a faster time frame, and you’ll reduce costs due to smaller shipping zones.


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3. Advertise Your Shipping Options

After spending a reasonable amount of time deciding on what products to buy, the last thing customers want to see is a higher total than what they initially calculated. Unfortunately, most fail to include shipping costs, which leads to cart abandonment.


If you announce your shipping options upfront, customers will know what to expect as their browsing. Free shipping may not be an option that you want to use, but you can appeal to customers with your shipping options by:


  • Having two-day shipping on purchases over a certain amount
  • Advertising your current shipping promo on your site banner
  • Sending emails to loyal customers

4. Have a Great Return Policy

An advantage brick and mortar stores have over e-commerce shops is customers being able to touch and see an item physically. It helps when it comes time to purchase it.


However, when purchasing from an online store, customers risk getting an item and get disappointed because it did not meet their expectations. So you’ll need to have a great return policy that can continue to build a relationship with your customers.


If a customer wants to return an item, why don’t you offer free return shipping? That way, they’ll develop confidence shopping with your company and know it won’t hurt them if they want to return an item.

Use Parcll To Improve Your Conversion Rates

At Parcll, we understand that cart abandonment is a serious issue in the e-commerce industry. That’s why we’ve created solutions that help business owners increase their conversion rates domestically and abroad. So work with us, and we’ll take your business to the next level.


Are you looking to improve your conversion rates? Then  contact Parcll today  to learn about our domestic and international shipping services

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