In-Demand: Top Amazon Product Categories for Sellers

Vanessa Tran , Oct 30 2020

One of the most important factors to consider when running your Amazon shop is which product categories to use for your products. Sometimes, your product might fit into multiple product categories. Choosing the right product categories can help you reach the right audiences. On the other hand, the wrong product categories can lead to minimal sales and even bankruptcy.

Selecting the right product category isn’t very straightforward, though. If you're stuck selling a product that seems a dead end, it might be time to make a change. This might be something as simple as changing an existing product’s Amazon product category, or developing new products that fit under more popular categories. 

We have done our research and found some of the best items to sell. As one of the top B2C shipping carriers into Europe, Parcll Delivery knows a thing or two about selling and shipping products. Keep reading for our list of top product categories for Amazon Sellers.


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What Is an Amazon Product Category?


An Amazon product category is a system that helps to identify the types of items being uploaded into an eCommerce store. There are larger, umbrella categories and sub-sections that go under them. 

Amazon currently has over 20 categories. Some of these categories require approval before listing. These categories can only be used by sellers with a Professional Selling Plan, ensuring items in these categories meet certain standards implemented by Amazon. This lets customers shop with confidence. 

It's important to properly label your products to make them visible to customers. 


 How to Select a Product Within a Best-Selling Category


If you have already attracted a customer base, think about the product categories to which your customers might navigate. Once you have found a product category, look at what kinds of items are sold by other sellers and how well they are performing to determine if this is the right category for your products.

Once you know the general product categories in which you want to sell your items, you should take a look at what subcategories are performing well and whether or not you can label your products with those tags. 

Are you able to sell a product that will improve on the ones in the market and which addresses most client complaints? If so then your product would be able to compete with the other sellers’ products.

Finally, establish whether your product meets the criteria for Amazon’s star seller products. These include a huge demand for the product, low cost with high-profit margins, low competition, lightweight, small and easy to ship. Such a product will be easy and profitable to sell. 


Check out more advice on how to reach a wider customer base with five e-commerce strategies we’ve gathered for you on our blog.


Toys & Games

One thing you can always count on is parents wanting their children to develop holistically. This is why toys and games that help with childhood development have always been popular best sellers on Amazon.

If you want a sure bet, choose games that will never go out of style. If you sell movie-related games, you can make a huge profit by placing them under this category. However, these are volatile and go in and out of fashion quickly.

On the other hand, traditional games like jigsaw puzzles, chess boards, and Lego sets, are safer because they will never go out of style. For long-term success, establish yourself as a quality seller of classic education games as well as newer games that have been proven to assist with child development.

When most people think of Toys & Games, they think of children as their main audience. If you have video game devices or other game products for older audiences, this might not be the best category for your products. 

Anyone selling products on Amazon, but especially the sellers of Toys & Games, should be conducting regular research to see what types of products and brands are being repeatedly listed as “best sellers.” Amazon features a list of their best selling products (based on sales) for each of its product departments. These lists are updated every hour, so Amazon sellers can easily stay on top of all the latest trends.

As of 10 a.m. Mountain time on April 6, 2021, the top three Toys & Games currently listed on Amazon’s best seller list include The Original Reversible Octopus Plushie by TeeTurtle, the Funko Pop! Disney: Treasures of The Vault Bambi figure, and a 28 pack of sensory toys for anxiety and stress relief. The list features a massive selection of different games and toys, but many of them fall under the categories of either education or art. Amazon sellers can use this information to ensure they maintain a sufficient stock of these types of toys.


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Electronics and Accessories


In today’s world, everyone has multiple electrical gadgets. This mostly includes phones, computers, printers, TVs, etc. These create a demand for electrical accessories that optimize the use of gadgets.

Best selling accessories include USB cables and chargers, earphones, phone cases, phone stands, speakers, memory cards, screen protectors and many more. To succeed in selling electronics it is best to source quality items from the original manufacturer. Selling fake electronics that don’t perform as promised will earn you negative reviews on Amazon which will prevent future sales.

At present, the top three spots on Amazon’s best sellers list for electronic devices include the Fire TV Stick with 4K streaming and Alexa voice remote, the 3rd generation Echo Dot smart speaker, and the Roku Streaming Stick +. While there are many different types of electronics included on the best sellers list, the most popular ones seem to include various smart-home products (from speakers to security cameras) and devices that can provide different types of quality streaming services. The best selling electronic accessories on the list include a few different types of iPhone screen protectors, Apple EarPods, and a portable solar charger and power bank.


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Video Games

The gaming industry is worth billions with Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo being the biggest sellers. You could open a store that sells gaming hardware like the Microsoft XBOX or Sony PlayStation. You can also sell software like the actual games, gift cards, charge kits, and other accessories.

Many gamers are loyal to particular games so you could also establish your shop as a niche seller of games that appeal to a particular fan base of gamers. Video games have definitely taken the eCommerce evolution by storm. 

At present, the top rated, best selling video game products on Amazon are gift cards for major video game retailers, including PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. Also listed near the top of the list are Nintendo Switch microSDXC cards, and a one month membership for a PlayStation Plus account. Different types of game console controllers and headsets are also present on the list, along with a handful of Nintendo Switch games like Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This data can indicate to forward thinking Amazon retailers that they may see more of a profit if they stick to selling video game gift cards and membership services to notable video game brands as opposed to actual video games and video game-related electronics. 


Camera and Photo


Taking quality photos and videos to share with the rest of the world is a need many people have. This is especially true with the rise of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. There are also many content creators on the internet and on sites such as YouTube that seek good video cameras for producing their content.

The most popular items in this category include home security cameras, GoPro’s, digital cameras, instant cameras, and photo papers. There are also other accessories like chargers, memory cards, etc. Just like with electronics it is better to source quality products from well-known brands to get satisfied clients and positive reviews from buyers. At YunExpress, we are all about customer satisfaction. If you sell camera or photo gear, this might be the right category for you.

The products listed as Amazon best sellers within the category of camera and photo are predominantly smart-home style video and security cameras. Each of these cameras offer a wide range of select features, including night vision, motion detection, and two-way audio capabilities. While there are other types of devices included on this list, such as clear low light vision compact binoculars, a Gskyer Telescope, and a set of electronic ear wax removal tools, the majority of the list is taken up by different types of security cameras. This indicates that consumers are  very interested in home security at this time, so Amazon retailers would be wise to consider selling some of these smart home style security cameras.



Amazon was first known as an online bookseller and to date, books are still one of its best selling product categories. Many readers still prefer physical books to electronic books so with the right kind of books in your store you will find buyers.

The books that do best include cookbooks, children’s books, comics, romance novels, and the latest bestsellers. It is possible to sell both physical and electronic versions of books at your store so you could do so to cater to both types of readers.

At present, the books noted on Amazon’s best seller list include Finding Freedom: A Cook's Story by Erin French, Dog Man: Mothering Heights by Dav Pilkey (the creator of beloved children’s book series Captain Underpants), and This Is the Fire: What I Say to My Friends About Racism by Don Lemon. While the first book is considered a bestseller in just the overall category of “books”, the second and third books on this list indicate an audience interest in both children’s literature (a subcategory of books that has already proven to be highly profitable) and social activism (a topic that has received growing levels of attention over the past several years).


Standing out With Premium Shipping


You may get discouraged if you see other sellers with similar items in their stores. How exactly do you get a customer to choose you? The first thing to do is to make sure you have features and systems in place that will make shopping better for them.

One of the ways to do this is to offer premium shipping. Faster delivery and smoother logistics systems can make a customer's buying experience memorable. It can also help to make business more seamless for your company.

Traditional systems like DDU (delivery duty unpaid) can cause more friction in your delivery time and operations. Consider working with a company such as us, YunExpress USA, for upgrading your shipping system. We can help your company adjust to modernized systems like DDP (delivery duty paid).  


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Choosing the Right Product Categories Leads to Successful Amazon Sales


Selecting the right product categories is a critical step when creating your Amazon shop. The categories above are all capable of giving your shop best-seller status if you stock quality products and have great customer service.

You should also consider your logistics and delivery for customer satisfaction. YunExpress USA is a leading international parcel shipping company. Check out how we can help you manage large volumes and reach a wider customer base.


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