Legally Shipping E-Cigarettes and Vape Juice Internationally

Vanessa Tran , May 26 2021

At the end of 2020, Congress passed a law that has been put into effect in early 2021 to help prevent children from buying E-Cigarettes. The effects of the new law cover a lot more than that and have earned this new law the “vape mail ban.” While this law itself isn’t altogether new, it did bring about some new regulations.

This new law does change two things:

  1. It restricts the shipment of vaping products via the US Mail to residential addresses.
  2. Categorizes all vaping products under the PACT Act.

Mailing Restriction

Under these new laws, many major shipping companies have stopped transporting e-cigarettes and vape juices. These products have been deemed nonmailable by USPS. Other shipping companies have already stopped shipping select vaping products

Under this new act, there are some exceptions, such as shipping between businesses surrounding the production process and wholesale of tobacco products. 

Registration Requirement

Sellers of these electronic cigarettes must register with ATF and the US Attorney General. This registration applies to anyone who is selling, transferring, and shipping cigarettes for profit.


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How can I Ship e-cigarettes and Vape Juice?

While many direct to customer mailing services have been withdrawn, freight shipping companies have embraced these new laws since there is a minimal chance that minors can obtain these products between business to business shipping. 

There are still some regulations about how you can and cannot ship e-cigarettes and vape juice both domestically and internationally. 


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No matter how you plan to ship, be sure to know the laws of any country, you intend to ship to. Ensure that the country you plan to send products to allows these items and if they have any specific regulations on them

If your retailer is in the EU, any nicotine-containing products must also comply with the Tobacco Directive 2014/14/EU. This should also correspond with any other local regulations

Shipping lithium batteries is always tricky, and there are heavy restrictions on these explosive devices. If you are shipping devices with these batteries, they cannot be transported by air and must take a ground or ocean freight line

Li-ion batteries are also restricted to shipping regulations. For single-cell batteries, the devices can have no more than two cells. For multi-cell batteries, they are allowed no more than four cells.



This part can be extra tricky when shipping internationally due to regulations. Some countries do not accept specific ingredients, and others will not sell items that are not correctly labeled. Countries like Croatia regulate e-cigarette as if they are tobacco products rather than electronic devices

Some other countries, like Belgium, have strict domestic policies in place. These policies restrict and regulate the importing of nicotine products, including vape juice. Compared to France that has restrictions around the amount of nicotine allowed in vape juice.

The US has some states that restrict specific flavors in e-liquids. Regulations are also in place in some places like Canada that are based on the toxicity levels of the ingredients. So be sure to know the rules of where you are shipping the product.


If you plan to mail vape juice to some EU countries , you must include

  • The product label must have details about the ingredients and nicotine content.
  • Any necessary health warnings and possible adverse effects. 
  • A leaflet or brochure with instructions about how to use it. 

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FAQ about international shipping electronic cigarettes and vape juice

Can I send e-cigarettes in the mail?

While some companies are no longer shipping these products, you can still send them through specific routes while following guidelines. Some places like UPS will not accept any vaping product, including e-liquids, gels, or e-cigarettes, even if there is no nicotine. 



What is the best way to ship e-cigarettes?

The best way to ship e-cigarettes and vape juice domestically and internationally is to send it in its original box. The packaging that these devices are sold in is specifically made to keep these items safe during shipping. This also makes it easy for all international shipping documentation to match products.


Can I send disposable e-cigarettes in the mail or by courier?

Yes. However, with the new rules and regulations, not all services will accept these products

E-cigarettes have lithium batteries and have restrictions when shipping them via aircraft. These devices should be sent via ground shipping services. There might also be some restrictions in shipping liquids

Before shipping, you should ensure that your items comply with any regulations for both the outgoing and receiving countries


Can I ship vape juice internationally?

Yes, you can still ship vape juice internationally. Be sure to verify regulations to specific countries that you are shipping to. Restrictions can often change, so double-check that all ingredients are within limits. Having proper paperwork can make the process easier. Ensure that you include adequate tariff codes


Is there insurance for shipping electronic cigarettes and vape juice internationally?

Depending on your shipping provider, you may have insurance options for shipping these products. These items are often considered restricted items and are not naturally covered by insurance. 

Can I ship non-tobacco vape juice? 

You can ship non-tobacco types of vape juice that contain CBD oil. Countries have their own regulations and acceptance rates for CBD oil and those vape juice products that contain THC.


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There are many different things to keep an eye on when you go to ship e-cigarettes and vape oil internationally. Some companies have begun to create their own shipping services. 


Many freight shipping companies can help you ship products overseas. If you are looking to expand your shipping routes to Europe and other countries, Parcll is here to help you navigate the complex regulations. Parcll is a cross-border shipping leader that offers international tracking and allows your company to reach new horizons.

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