Preferences of European Consumers in Regards to e-Commerce Deliveries

Vanessa Tran , Oct 29 2020

The United States is the biggest exporter in the world when manufactured goods and services are counted. For companies that choose to export their services, the majority export to one country, usually Canada.

Fortunately, e-commerce can help your company sell more products to more countries. A market that is worth tapping into is Europe.

European Shoppers Enjoy Buying Goods from the U.S.

Buyers in European countries enjoy buying from American online stores. Products are often viewed as trend leading, new, innovative and not available in Europe. With an attraction to American brands, European consumers are often willing to wait a week or so for parcel shipping to Europe.

Of course, European buyers do have expectations when buying from online retailers. For example, they do not like the import tax surprise in the DDU (delivery duty unpaid) model. Who can blame them? European consumers prefer to receive their order delivered right to their door without any tax surprise.

If you want to move into Europe, here are some key considerations to keep in mind about European consumers and their expectations for package delivery to Europe.

Good Support and Communication

European consumers view the entire shopping, ordering and delivery process as a single brand experience. Therefore, you can’t blame shipping problems on the courier. You have to make sure that you’re able to provide support through channels like email, chat or the phone, keeping in mind they are in a different time zone.

Fast, Flexible Shipping to Europe

Customers in Europe want their packages delivered to their door in the safest, most efficient manner. Choose a delivery service that will take great care of your shipments, whether they are big and bulky or small and fragile. Also, Europeans don’t require free delivery, but find it attractive. They are often willing to pay extra for faster delivery or specialized options.

Clear, Accurate Online Tracking

European customers expect to be kept up to date on their deliveries. Share tracking information through your website or the platform you are selling on, so that customers can watch their package. Provide as much information as possible, with daily tracking updates, to keep your consumers relaxed about the process.

DDP Shipping to Europe

If you ship your products across the border, they will have to pass customs. In some cases, this requires payment for custom duties. Handled upfront through DDP shipping, customers in Europe will have no trouble receiving your products. We elaborate a bit further on this topic and why it’s crucial to offer DDP as your shipping method here.

Pick Up Drop Off (PUDO) Options

In Europe, there is a preference for PUDO (pick up drop off), particularly in countries like Sweden or Germany (DHL Packstation). Be sure to offer these options to European shoppers, as it may be their number one delivery preference.

With the above key points and a few tips and tricks, expanding your business to Europe will be seamless. If you want to increase your global market share, contact us today!

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