The Global Ecommerce Evolution

Vanessa Tran , Oct 29 2020

Online shopping is one of the most popular activities in the world. Just think about that for a minute in terms of the possibility for businesses to expand internationally, harnessing the rapid and burgeoning growth of the industry.

Even though we like to talk about the hard facts of DDP shipping, we also enjoy expanding into different topics – especially about anything eCommerce related. Today, we want to take a look at some of the fun facts of eCommerce over the years.

In the Beginning…

In 1991, the Internet was founded, and everything changed. Just 4 years later, in 1995, eBay was founded, and Amazon sold its very first book. It’s hard to imagine that online sales today grew from those three, simple events.

Perhaps an equally momentous occasion in eCommerce occurred just a few years after that, in 1998: the founding of PayPal. This single website stood to, over the following 10 years, completely transform the way that people send and spend their money.

By 2001, 70% of Internet users were purchasing at least one holiday gift online; only 4 years later holiday sales online became so big, they got their own shopping holiday “Cyber Monday.”

And Today Is Still the Beginning…

The most astonishing thing about the Internet and eCommerce is that it is still in its earliest stages. So many things have changed, so rapidly, about it, and it’s still a baby. Relatively speaking, that is.

If you think of human history as a long line, where we are today is just a tiny point on that line. The Internet, online sales, eCommerce… that is a little blip within that blip. Then, if you think about the fact that the line keeps going, as long as human life goes: well, then you can see how the future is rife with unimaginable possibilities for eCommerce and trade.

Where E-Retail Is Today

E-retail sales accounted for 14% of all consumer sales in the world in 2018. By 2022, that is projected to hit 22%.

Many goods imported to European countries like Germany or France come from outside of Europe, especially from the United States. This means international parcel shipping to Europe has grown in recent years in ways many of us could have never imagined possible.

But it doesn’t stop at USA to Europe shipping. Worldwide, eCommerce has exploded, not only in Western countries either; the sales and shipping of goods online has allowed greater access to third world countries that were never included in this burgeoning sector of the economy. Before now.

What is critical about this particular part of the evolution of international eCommerce sales is in how it is in essence making eCommerce even more important. Countries that previously did not have access to foreign products are now able to receive shipments of such items with relatively short transit times. For example, Thai consumers can order products from Germany, or Brazilian consumers have the option to import products from China. Additionally, with the increase in shipping options and improved transit times, this only stands to improve.

Since 2014, selling products across geopolitical borders has only shown promise. With international sales around $1.3 Trillion just 5 years ago, sales worldwide now topple $3.5 Trillion. As if that fact alone is not staggering enough, online shoppers now look to purchase from other countries an average of 57% of the time they purchase consumer goods online.

The fun, little details of the history of Global eCommerce go on, but it’s important at this point to – again – impress upon a critical and striking aspect of the evolution of online sales: how rapidly things have changed once the Internet got involved in daily life. In a manner of mere decades, the world went from inventing the World Wide Web to toppling $1 trillion in Online B2C sales. International shipping has not only changed shopping, it has changed our way of life – and we are glad to be part of it! Get in touch with us today if you want to do the same.

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