Tips for Choosing the Best International Shipping Carriers

Vanessa Tran , Jul 07 2021



If you’re not using the right international shipping carrier for your business, you could be losing customer loyalty, sales, and profit. When choosing a carrier, it’s important to look at the operation as a whole—not just a single aspect.


So, if you ship to international customers daily and are asking yourself, “what carrier should I choose?” here are some tips to find the best one for your business.


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What to Look for in International Shipping Carriers

When choosing an international shipping carrier, you should consider their:


When shipping to international customers, the carrier price matters. Shipping prices are driven by factors like:


  • Speed—How fast will your package get to the customer?
  • Service—Does the shipping include tracking, delivery confirmation, etc.?
  • Size—How large (or heavy) are the items you’re shipping?
  • Surcharges—Does the carrier charge additional fees?


You’ll want to find an international shipping carrier that offers the level of speed and service you need at a price point that works for both you and your customers—cheaper doesn’t mean better.


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And, don’t forget about your customers’:

Delivery Expectations


The delivery expectations of your customers depend heavily on the type of business you run. For example, if you run a monthly subscription service, you likely have a predictable shipping schedule, and your customers might not need detailed tracking information. In this situation, business owners might choose a more affordable, slower shipping service without tracking and delivery confirmation—although getting the subscription boxes to your customers quickly and providing an option for tracking will likely get them to make repeat purchases month after month.


On the other hand, online businesses that compete with big-name marketplaces have customers with much higher expectations. The target market is used to receiving their orders quickly and with detailed tracking that they’ll likely check multiple times while waiting for their delivery. For these businesses, you’ll need to invest in faster shipping services with better tracking and delivery confirmation.


You’ll also want to check out the shipping carrier’s:

Brand Reputation

Take your time and do some research on the carrier’s track record. Your business and your customers will rely on the carrier you choose to deliver packages on time and without any issues. Check out their online reviews, talk to other international sellers, or ask the carrier directly about any questions you have about their services.


There’s a variety of international shipping options available for e-commerce sellers, and what works for one business might not work for yours. Reading multiple carrier reviews and FAQs can help you have more confidence in your decision when choosing which one is right for you.

Choose the Right International Shipping Carrier for Your Business

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The best international shipping carrier for your business will offer a price point that works for you, meet the delivery expectations of your customers, and have the brand reputation to back up their claims.


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  • Full Tracking—With our detailed tracking updates, you’ll always know where your packages are, and so will your customers.


  • Simple Integration—We offer easy, seamless integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and shipping platforms like ShipEngine.


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