Why Offer Free Shipping?

Aaron Cope, Jan 11 2021

Businesses today need to remain flexible and innovative to stay ahead of the rest. At Parcll Delivery, we are aware of the struggles of abandoned shopping carts, offering deals that don’t break the bank, and businesses trying to stay afloat.


With this, we also see the question “why offer free shipping” a lot. Many businesses think that they have to absorb the cost or that it can’t add value to their business, but we can tell you that free shipping can solve a lot of the online shopping problems companies see.


We want to show you why offering free shipping can add dollars to your business instead of taking them away!


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You Don’t Have To Lose Money

Most companies think that if they offer free shipping, they have to take the cost on themselves to ensure items are delivered promptly. This isn’t the case at all!


Most businesses that offer free shipping distribute the cost to their business across their other products. Redistributing costs saves them money on the shipping costs and allows them to provide an incredible delivery benefit.


This strategy is one way businesses ensure their wallet doesn’t drain as they try to promote their products. The other option is to offer cross-selling opportunities to customers. 


Cross-selling allows you to ship more items for a similar shipping cost. The more things your business can cross-sell, the more you’ll save on offering free shipping. You can calculate when shipping is the most efficient and set up some sales goals.


When you have this goal to reach on orders, it creates an environment for innovation and production.


Offering free shipping gets much easier when the service that’s delivering your packages is economical! Parcll is the company for your business to expand globally, save money, and offer a quickly delivered product!


Buying online made easy

Incentive For Customers To Buy From You

The main reason that people offer free shipping is that customers view it as a considerable value. They will buy more because they are saving forty, fifty, or more dollars on shipping!


Providing free shipping allows your business to benefit because they are already buying from your shop, so they’ll order more to compensate for the money they were saving before. As more items are added, your cost also goes down for shipping because shipping is more efficient when more items are added.


Adding free shipping as an incentive will also provide you marketing opportunities. You can advertise that your shop gives free shipping on all orders! Anyone who is money savvy will see this as an opportunity to save.


Once there is savings potential, people will flock to your website above all others to optimize their shopping.


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Reduce Abandoned Shopping Carts

Perhaps the most significant hidden money maker is reducing abandoned shopping carts. Once people reach the end of their shopping journey, they look at one final cost. That cost is shipping, and if it is too high, the customer will walk away from all those precious goods they spent time finding.


When a company offers free shipping, this reduces the chance that a customer will leave right before their credit card is swiped. An average of 69% of online shopping carts are abandoned and left, taking up space on a website.


Some businesses say that if they could get more people to press that final purchase button, their company could double in size! Free shipping is one amazingly effective way to reduce abandoned shopping carts. With all of the strategies to reduce shipping costs, it is simple and easy to implement.


Speaking of simple and easy implementation, Parcll provides your business with the ability to break into the worldwide shipping market! Parcll wants to remove the hassle of going global and makes it quick with integrations into Shopify and a host of other options.

Use Free Shipping As A Benefit Breakpoint

We have all seen this strategy at the supermarket. If the produce is about to go bad, the grocery store will offer you buy one get one half off. Most people will then get twice what they intended, and they feel they got the best deal of the week.


That person will go home and tell their friends, who will rush over to make sure they are in on the savings as well! This simple adjustment can be made with free shipping as well.


Cross-selling is a massive benefit to the business, and an excellent way to encourage users to buy more is to offer free shipping if a certain threshold is met in their shopping cart. Cross-selling can be as easy as offering free shipping if they have two or more items, or you can offer free shipping once they reach a specific money breakpoint.


The flexibility of free shipping keeps increasing, and this is just one small way to push your product while offering your customers a huge benefit!


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How To Go Global With Your Business


Go International With Your Free Shipping and Parcll

Parcll wanted to give businesses a straightforward way to expand their online business and break into Europe, Australia, Japan, China, and more! Shipping is what we do, so we know we’re offering the best.


Free shipping is a valuable tool in a business’s toolbelt. It can entice customers to buy more and even push them to purchase otherwise abandoned items in their shopping cart. 


We encourage all businesses to offer some kind of free shipping benefit to their customers because we know how fast the dollars can add up when people begin buying to save.


Reach out to us at Parcll. We’ll be overjoyed to help you bring your business to the next level in shipping.

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