Delivered Duty Paid

PARCLL is a DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) specialist.

We make it our business to know the nuances to the customs and duty requirements in every jurisdiction we serve. 

The DDP Benefit for cross-border Sellers:
  1. 1. No consumer rejections for unexpected customs related charges.
  2. 2. No delivery delays for clearance issues. Always stable transit times.
  3. 3.Fewer consumer complaints on social media, and elsewhere. More positive feedback.
  4. 4.No surprise costs for your business.
  5. 5.Best choice of last mile delivery providers
  6. 6.Fosters high consumer retention and satisfaction
  7. 7. Ability to promote “Shipping including VAT & Duty” increases conversions
  8. 8. Possibility to claim tax return for returns to the United States
Here’s why consumers love DDP:
  1. 1. No unexpected VAT or Duty to pay 

    2. No customs clearance handling fees  

    3. Door delivery by familiar local carrier 

    4. No unexpected delays  

The PARCLL promise: Guaranteed landed cost.

The more you know, the better you can plan your product pricing and profit. That’s why we provide fully landed cost — including VAT and Duty — for each international package upfront via our API or other integrations.

Why DDP beats DDU?

DDU is the traditional postal model: Delivered Duty Unpaid. When sending a package from the United States under DDU terms, the USPS will be the default provider. The USPS will arrange your package all the way up to the border of your destination country, where the destination postal office will take over and arrange for the consumer to pay their VAT, Duty and (often hefty) Customs Clearance Handling Fees.

In the DDP model — Delivered Duty Paid — the shipper will pay for destination import VAT and any Duty. The DDP model avoids any unforeseen charges to shipper or consumer.

With PARCLL’s DDP service, your package will be moved from the United States on a commercial flight. PARCLL will arrange for fully electronic DDP clearance for e-commerce at destination. VAT and possibly duty will be assessed upfront and are guaranteed. Plus, PARCLL does not charge any customs clearance fees to shipper or consumer.

More delivery options. More growth opportunity.
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