Parcel Delivery

  • Shipper Warehouse

    This can be your own US Warehouse or the Warehouse of a 3PL (Fulfilment Provider).

  • PARCLL Hub

    PARCLL operates dedicated Export Warehouses where we sort and prepare your packages for cross-border delivery.

  • PARCLL Customs Warehouse

    PARCLL operates dedicated bonded Customs Warehouses at destination, where we DDP customs clear and onforward your packages.

  • Last Mile Carrier Warehouse

    PARCLL directly contracts the best Last-Mile Carriers in each destination country and we directly inject in the country of destination.

  • Consumer Home

    Happy Consumers receive packages directly to their doorstep.

Industry Leading Deliveries


PARCLL is an innovative domestic and international parcel delivery carrier & network for eCommerce shippers in the United States. With PARCLL, US based and international shippers will always benefit from the latest technology.

Every package shipped with PARCLL is delivered to the consumer's door step under DDP Incoterms, which gurantees the best consumer experience and reliable delivery times.

With PARCLL, you can expect reliable  deliveries and industry leading US export delivery to consumers in Europe, Canada, Australia and many other global markets from 4 days up.

PARCLL directly contracts the best last mile carriers in all destinations we serve. These final mile delivery champions ensure, that consumers across the globe receive deliveries from the local delivery party they trust.

Competitive Rates

PARCLL is a part of one of the largest commercial cross-border shipping networks dedicated to eCommerce. PARCLL onforwards large volume discounts to shippers of all sizes, so that you benefit from low shipping rates without any surprise fees, fuel or other surcharges. You pay much less than for express shipments or for most postal products.

Full Tracking

PARCLL operates one global IT system in all hubs across the globe. Therefore we always know where each of your package is. Detailed tracking updates with multiple milestones for every package along with delivery confirmation is the PARCLL standard. Full tracking is also available on Ebay, Amazon, Wish, Shopify, and many more other platforms. Full tracking is also available via the leading global tracking platform aftership. 

Simple Integration

PARCLL does not require integration to start shipping.?

We can simply scan your label. However, our flexible API interface allows to integrate in no time. Or make use of our numerous existing platform integrations, such as our Shopify App, or our carrier integration with numerous shipping platforms such as Postmen, Easypost, Shipengine and many more.

Save money, save time, grow your business
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