International Shipping from USA to France

Why Parcll?

Looking for the right shipping company to send your deliveries to France? Choose Parcll.

We dedicate ourselves to mid and high-volume shipping across Europe, Asia, and the United States. Make shipping to France convenient and hassle-free with our DDP services – serving over 10,000 clients around the world. As one of the top 10 cross-border shipping providers with experience in all regions of France, we promise to keep you and your customers satisfied.

  • Cross-border shipping from the U.S. to France in just 4-6 business days.
  • Compensation of up to $50 per parcel if loss or damage occurs.
  • Ability to ship restricted or fragile cargo, including electronics, perfumes, and other cosmetics.
  • Delivery across France, including all 13 regions, with no extra fees.
  • Return shipping in case a package cannot be delivered (shipped back to Parcll France, then resent to the consumer or to its origin).
  • No hidden or unexpected costs – full transparency from the beginning.
  • 100% custom clearance service to remove the burden from you
  • Management of the entire logistics chain, from first-mile to final-mile delivery.
  • Live parcel tracking so you and your customers can stay up-to-date.

Shipping to France for eCommerce Sellers

Cross-border eCommerce to France is on the rise. With over 65 million citizens, France’s consumer needs are definitely high. It’s up to you to stay competitive by not only offering the best products, but the best services. Speedy delivery feels like an added perk and can help you maintain a robust list of customers.

Country Facts: France

France is the third largest eCommerce market in Europe, just after Germany and the United Kingdom. In the world, France is the seventh largest eCommerce market. Plus, a total of 89% of all shoppers in France have shopped online!

One of the biggest eCommerce markets in France is that of the fashion industry. The most popular eCommerce stores in France are Amazon (2.19 billion orders), Cdiscount (2.08 billion), and Vente-Privee (1.89 billion). Since the French market is known to be overcrowded, it’s vital that you provide the perfect customer experience.

France – Quick Knowledge & Tips
  • Payment methods preferred in France are Paypal and Credit Card.
  • French consumers are used to free delivery options from local online stores, but expect fees when ordering internationally.
  • The most popular alternative delivery option is delivery at neighbors or housekeepers.
  • Customers in France are used to return options. At Parcll, we can help you provide one easily.


Can I add insurance for my parcels shipped to France?

Parcll parcels are insured up to USD 50. Additional insurance is available.

What happens if a package cannot be delivered to France?

The package will be returned to Parcll warehouse in France and can be either sent out again to a consumer, or returned to origin.

What items cannot be shipped to France?

Most consumer products can be shipped to France, including nutraceuticals, apparel, branded items, toys and many more.

What do I need to know about French customs and VATs?

Parcll arranges electronic DDP customs clearance for all packages to France. Parcll takes care of all customs formalities and consumers will receive a local delivery without any involvement in customs.

Efficient Shipping Solution: Parcll

Mid to high volume businesses know that shipping is one of the biggest – and most complicated – costs. That is why our international eCommerce DDP shipping services at Parcll help provide convenient solutions for you. Don’t worry about customs and duties with our DDP solutions. Instead, get our competitive prices upfront. We operate with transparency and experience with all of your goods.

Through our aggressive rates, shipping to France will be cost-efficient and headache free. You can see international growth and gain valuable customers across the globe.

France Shipping Info
Average Transit Time from US Hub 4-5 business days
Customs Clearance Low Value < 22 EUR = no VAT no Duty
Customs Clearance Mid Value < 150 EUR = VAT 20%, no Duty
Customs Clearance High Value From EUR 150, VAT 20% + Duty applicable
Tracking and POD 100% Tracking including Delivery Confirmation. Signed POD service available upon request.
Number of Delivery Attempts 1, then post office for Pickup
Remote Area Deliveries Remote surcharges to DOM-TOM (French Overseas Territories) apply based on final delivery zip code.
Maximum Weights / Dimensions 66 LBS / L+W+H <= 59 Inches
Commodities Accepted General Cargo / For anything restricted such as electronics with batteries, perfumes, hazmat, ID8000 please contact us for your dedicated solution!
Undeliverable Parcels Return to Parcll France, option to resend to consumer or return to origin
Compensation / Extended Liability Compensation Granted In Case of Loss or Damage with Maximum of USD 50 Per Parcel. Additional Insurance is Available for Purchase.
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