Fulfilment (3PL)

PARCLL supports US based Fulfilment Providers (3PLs) with strong domestic and international package delivery options.

PARCLL offers the smoothest cross-border delivery experience if US export is in focus. Our success is judged by your growth. Put your trust in PARCLL to deliver. Empower your growth both domestically and across borders.

Empower your cross-border shipping service offering

You operate a strong 3PL operation and offer your eCommerce customers outstanding fulfilment services across the United States. In addition to flawless pick & pack operations, you need to provide your customers with the best shipping solutions at the most affordable pricing, not just domestically, but also across borders into strongly growing markets, such as Europe, Canada and worldwide. PARCLL allows you to focus on your fulfilment operation and easily implement PARCLL's delivery solutions for domestic, while taking away all the hassle from your international. With PARCLL, you master cross-border shipping for your customers. 

Efficiency & Consistency

We operate our own network. We manage and control everything, via our own routes, a strategic network of dedicated partners and our global IT  platform. This allows us to guarantee efficiency and consistency like no other provider can. 

Why we exist

Put simply, we exist to give our customers what they need to ensure they reach their global consumers and grow their domestic and international cross-border business. We exist to make lives easier for eCommerce businesses. We create global growth by providing a reliable service you can trust. Every time. 






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