International Shipping from USA to Germany

Why Parcll?

Looking for the best shipping company to send parcels to Germany? You’ve come to the right place. At YunExpress, we have extensive experience in international shipping, all across Europe, the USA, and Asia.

International door to door shipping to Germany becomes easy and hassle-free when you choose a skilled DDP shipping company that has served over 10,000 satisfied clients across the globe and delivers 500,000 parcels daily. We take pride in being one of the top 10 cross-border shipping providers for B2C e-commerce.

  • Transit time for international shipping to Germany of just 4-5 business days.
  • In case of loss or damage, we provide compensation of up to $50 per parcel.
  • We also ship restricted cargo, such as battery-operated electronics, perfumes, hazmat and more.
  • We deliver all over Germany, including any remote areas, without any extra charges.
  • In case a package cannot be delivered, it is returned to YunExpress Germany, from where it can be resent to the consumer, sent back to the origin or make use of our value-added services to handle undeliverables.
Additional Advantages
  • Smooth and seamless experience with 100% custom clearance service upfront so that consumers do not have anything to do with clearance.
  • We manage the entire logistics chain, from first mile to sorting in our warehouse, custom clearance at delivery destination and last mile delivery.
  • We offer fully landed costs for shipping, duties and taxes. No hidden or unexpected costs.
  • Real time parcel tracking, so that you are always in the loop regarding the status of your delivery.

Shipping to Germany for eCommerce Sellers

Cross-border eCommerce is booming and shipping from the US to Europe is becoming more and more popular. Perhaps the most surprising statistic is this: Germany is the largest importer of consumer goods in the European Union, and sixth in the entire world. With more than 82 million citizens, Germany stands to remain among the top of both importers and exporters for decades to come. With an average transit time from the United States to Germany of just 4 days, YunExpress USA prides itself with including Germany among its top destination countries for all eCommerce and shipping needs.

Our Solutions

  • 4-5 business days
    4-5 business days transit time for international shipping to Germany.
  • Shipping restricted items
    Shipping restricted items, such as battery-operated electronics, perfumes, nutraceuticals and more.
  • Handling undeliverables
    Handling undeliverables with resend service, send-to-origin service, or value-added services.
Cost-Effective Way to Ship Packages to Germany
Fully landed costs

Fully landed costs for shipping, duties and taxes. No hidden or unexpected costs.

Large volume discounts

Large volume discounts for high volume parcel shipments guarantee cheap shipping

Parcel insurance

Parcel insurance included in all packages

Delivery all over Germany

Delivery all over Germany, including any remote areas, without any extra charges.

Easiest Way to Ship to Germany
  • 100% DDP customs clearance upfront
    100% DDP customs clearance upfront so that consumers do not have anything to do with clearance.
  • Real-time parcel tracking
    Real-time parcel tracking so that you are always in the loop regarding the status of your delivery.
  • Logistics chain management
    Logistics chain management from the pick up at sellers warehouse, over sorting and labeling in our US warehouses, to international airfreight, customs clearance and last mile delivery to the consumer’s door.

Country Facts: Germany

The proof is in the data: German authorities have reported consistent increases in consumer spending over the past several quarters, nationwide. The most recent data points to consumers spending a whopping €57.8 billion euros in 2019 online. About half of them spend between 100 and 500 euros on each purchase. Bestsellers here are clothing and shoes (73 percent), followed by furniture and other consumer goods.

With relatively moderate cost of living indicators, as compared to other Western countries (including the United States), Germany’s primary income is, therefore, free to be spent on consumables, the country’s largest bulk of purchases by far.

As is always the case with shipping internationally, there are a few hurdles to shipping from the US to Germany, most importantly the issue of the language barrier. German remains to be the predominantly spoken language in the country, which means that companies wishing to export should ideally translate their website content to German – however, the vast majority of German online shoppers understands English as well and is used to shopping from international websites in English language.

Germany – Quick Knowledge & Tips
  • Germans are used to free delivery options from local online stores but won’t expect the same if they order from overseas.
  • Customers in Germany are used to having a return option. We can provide one and make it extra convenient for you!
  • The most popular alternative delivery option is delivery to a parcel locker.
  • Payment methods preferred by Germans are PayPal, Invoice, or Debit & Credit card.


Can I add insurance to cover my deliveries to Germany?

Yes. Basic insurance is included with the Parcll service to Germany and additional higher value insurance is available for purchase.

What happens if a package cannot be delivered in Germany?

If a package cannot be delivered, it will be returned to YunExpress Germany warehouse where it will be scanned and sorted on shelf. From there, the package can be sent out again to the same recipient or to a different address, or it can be returned directly to the shipper.

What items cannot be shipped to Germany?

Any dangerous/hazardous goods and weapons plus any items prohibited/restricted for import by the Netherlands customs authorities (Parcll clears customs in Amsterdam for the German market).

Germany Shipping Info
Average Transit Time from US Hub 4-5 business days
Customs Clearance Low Value < 22 EUR = no VAT no Duty
Customs Clearance Mid Value < 150 EUR = VAT 20%, no Duty
Customs Clearance High Value From EUR 150, VAT 20% + Duty applicable
Tracking and POD 100% Tracking including Delivery Confirmation. Signed POD service included.
Number of Delivery Attempts Max. 2, then post office for Pickup
Remote Area Deliveries Full coverage for all areas without any surcharges.
Maximum Weights / Dimensions 66 LBS / 47 x 23 x 23 Inches
Commodities Accepted General Cargo / For anything restricted such as electronics with batteries, perfumes, hazmat, ID8000 please contact us for your dedicated solution!
Undeliverable Parcels Return to Parcll Germany, option to resend to consumer or return to origin
Compensation / Extended Liability Compensation Granted In Case of Loss or Damage with Maximum of USD 50 Per Parcel. Additional Insurance is Available for Purchase.
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