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Extend your Marketplace Store across borders with Parcll.

Parcll offers the smoothest cross-border delivery experience. Our success is judged by your store’s growth. Put your trust in Parcll to deliver. Empower your store’s growth across borders.

Build Your Marketplace Store for Global Success

You have great products to offer your customers at competitive prices, whether your store is on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Wish, Rakuten or any other marketplace. However, without getting your products to your consumers efficiently, you will have difficulties to establish your store in international markets. This is where Parcll comes in; you focus on your sale and we take care of that important piece that comes afterwards: The cross-border delivery.

Why Choose Parcll for your Marketplace Store?

We take pride in being strictly consumer-focused and fully comply with marketplace requirements in terms of delivery quality. All of our shipping services are Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) and VAT/Duties are known upfront, so that you can include them in your sales price on the marketplace. We believe your customers should never have to face unexpected surprises.

With Parcll, you can expect industry leading delivery times from the US to global Consumers. Count on our reliable delivery times from the USA into Europe, Canada and many more global markets from 4 days up.

We ship over 1,000,000 packages per day through our global network and therefore achieve high economies of scale and large volume discounts with our selected destination last mile carriers, which we directly onforward to our customers. We believe our customers always deserve low prices and a reliable service.

Affordable, Efficient, Transparent & On-Time

Parcll is fully tracked and compliant with marketplace requirements. Tracking is visible to consumers on marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay or Wish, so that your customers know about the status of their package at all time. We deliver each package directly to your customer’s doorstep, by the local carrier of their trust.

The delivery experience plays an important role in customer satisfaction and the ratings of your marketplace store. It generates loyal customers and increases your store value. Shipping is the key element in providing an outstanding after sales service to your customers and thus plays a pivotal role in the success of your marketplace store. Parcll ensures that the delivery experience to your global consumers is flawless, to support your store growing in new markets.

Easy eCommerce Integration

PARCLL offers plug-in integration that allows for simple, easy onboarding. Whether you sell on Amazon, eBay, Wish or any other maeketplace, you can start producing labels in no time and power your global growth.

More delivery options. More growth opportunity.
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