International Shipping from USA to Netherlands

Why Parcll?

Parcll makes international shipping to the Netherlands an easy process. With the rise of cross-border eCommerce from the United States to Europe, your business deserves the most efficient shipping services to give you an edge. We’ll provide you with quick delivery service to your customers, real-time tracking, and DDP services. Experience a smooth experience for all of your mid to high-volume shipping needs.

Parcll is one of the top 10 cross-border B2C shipping companies, and we bring our expert service from U.S. businesses to the Netherlands.

At our B2C Clearance Hub, we provide complete customs clearance upfront so that your international shipping experience is stress-free. You and your consumers won’t have to deal with unexpected delays and hidden fees.

  • Delivery through domestic 24hours parcel service to consumer doorstep.
  • API Integration, so you can submit shipping data and create labels without stressing over repetitive tasks.
  • Delivery throughout all 12 provinces of the Netherlands without any remote fees.
  • Zero hidden fees for you or your customers.
  • Real-time, complete tracking updates for your packages, right from the minute they’re dispatched. You’ll be able to see every package at every stop.

Shipping to Netherlands for eCommerce Sellers

As we turn our attention to eCommerce and shipping, it’s important to note that consumer prices in the Netherlands average about 1.22% higher than prices in the United States. The Netherlands is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 11 percent between 2018 and 2021. While domestic eCommerce is still the most popular, online platforms like AliExpress and Amazon have led to the growth of cross-border eCommerce. As an international shipper, you’d be happy to know that more than 30% of Dutch respondents in PwC’s 10th annual Global Consumer Insights Survey (GCIS) buy online weekly or more. Dutch consumers generally are very open to cross-border shopping and love buying products from the United States. Since the Netherlands is geographically small, many residents expect shipping in five days or less.

Country Facts: Netherlands

At present, the Netherlands has a population of roughly 17.8 million people. The population of the Netherlands is growing at a relatively slow rate of .39%. The life expectancy is quite high, at an average of 81.4 years. In terms of population density, the largest city in the Netherlands is Amsterdam with a total of 7 million. The Dutch population is very international and have recently overtaken Sweden as the most proficient English speakers in the world outside the Anglosphere.

What makes the Netherlands stand out is the widespread use of mobile online shopping. In 2019, mobile device e-commerce generated 4.5 billion euros. The rise of mobile shopping is largely due to the implementation of mobile banking apps.

The Netherlands – Quick Knowledge & Tips
  • Dutch are used to free delivery options from local online stores but won’t expect the same if they order from overseas.
  • Customers in the Netherlands are used to having a return option. We can provide one and make it extra convenient for you!
  • Payment methods preferred by Dutch are PayPal, Invoice, or Debit & Credit card
  • The most popular alternative delivery option is delivery to a parcel locker or local store.


Who completes final mile delivery?

This can be either one of the two strongest parcel services in the Netherlands, Post NL or DHL Netherlands Packet.

At what points are my packages processed for tracking?

Packages from the United States are customs cleared in Amsterdam and then go directly in final mile delivery to consumers, with full tracking all along the way.

Efficient Shipping Solution: Parcll

Mid to high volume businesses know that shipping is one of the biggest – and most complicated – costs. That is why our international eCommerce DDP shipping services at YunExpress help provide convenient solutions for you. Don’t worry about customs and duties with our DDP solutions. Instead, get our competitive prices upfront. We operate with transparency and experience with all of your goods.

Through our aggressive rates, shipping to The Netherlands will be cost-efficient and headache free. You can see international growth and gain valuable customers across the globe.

Netherlands Shipping Info
Average Transit Time from US Hub 4-5 business days
Customs Clearance Low Value < 22 EUR = no VAT no Duty
Customs Clearance Mid Value < 150 EUR = VAT 20%, no Duty
Customs Clearance High Value From EUR 150, VAT 20% + Duty applicable
Tracking and POD 100% Tracking including Delivery Confirmation. Signed POD service available upon request.
Number of Delivery Attempts 1, then courier depot for Pickup
Remote Area Deliveries Full coverage for all areas without any surcharges.
Maximum Weights / Dimensions 44 LBS / 31 x 19 x 13 Inches
Commodities Accepted General Cargo / For anything restricted such as electronics with batteries, perfumes, hazmat, ID8000 please contact us for your dedicated solution!
Undeliverable Parcels Return to Parcll Netherlands, option to resend to consumer or return to origin
Compensation / Extended Liability Compensation Granted In Case of Loss or Damage with Maximum of USD 50 Per Parcel. Additional Insurance is Available for Purchase.
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