Parcel Return

PARCLL takes care of your undeliverable returns and your consumer returns.

Undeliverable Returns

With PARCLL you will achieve the highest possible delivery rates for the global destinations we serve. However, undeliverables still occur in some instances. Imagine your consumer in the US has moved to a new address or your customer in Spain is on holiday. In case a package cannot be delivered, PARCLL comes by default with a strong solution.

Any package that can not be delivered will be returned to the nearest local PARCLL Hub. Our local warehouse team scan each return package and you will receive a notice that this package has been returned. From here we offer several value added services such as reship to consumer in country or return to your warehouse

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Consumer Returns

Any ecommerce comes with returns and it doesn’t matter if your customers are in the US, France, Canada, Germany or any other country: Every online seller needs a solution for domestic or cross-border returns. PARCLL offers a solution for consumer returns at many of our global destinations to ensure, that you can offer your consumers the full spectrum of customer service.

The PARCLL consumer returns process:
  • Step 1

    You provide your consumer with a PARCLL in-country return label.

  • Step 2

    Your consumer applies this label to the package and drops it at the nearest post office in-country.

  • Step 3

    The package will arrive to our local PARCLL Hub where it will be scanned and you will receive a notice that this package has been returned.

  • Step 4

    From here we initiate international return to the US.

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