International Shipping from USA to Spain

Why Parcll?

Looking for the right shipping company to send your deliveries to Spain? Choose Parcll. We dedicate ourselves to mid and high-volume shipping across Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Serving over 10,000 clients around the world, our DDP services make shipping to Spain convenient and hassle-free. We also cater to large volumes, with rates that are much lower than the standard charges for postage into Spain.

Parcll is one of the top 10 cross-border shipping providers with experience in all regions of Spain, guaranteeing you and your customer’s satisfaction.

  • The average transit time of just 4-6 working days.
  • Parcels that are not received are sent back to our Parcll Spain warehouse. Here, we attempt another delivery or send the package back to its origin.
  • 100% tracking services with delivery confirmation notification. Signed POD service is included in this.
  • We use double-walled, cardboard boxes and fillers to ensure zero damage to your goods.
  • We make 2 attempts at delivery. If delivery is unsuccessful, the package is sent to the post office for pick up.
  • We ship goods weighing up to 66 lbs and dimensions (L+W+H) of up to 82 inches.
  • If there is any damage during transport, we offer compensation of up to $50 per parcel.

Shipping to Spain for eCommerce Sellers

Cross-border eCommerce to Spain is more popular than ever. With almost 47 million citizens, Spain’s consumer needs are definitely high. Parcll helps you stay competitive, allowing you to provide the best service and speedy deliveries. Paired with your quality products, this can help you keep loyal customers in Spain.

Country Facts: Spain

Spain is a country that loves to shop! Spanish consumers’ most common purchases are home furnishings, followed by clothing and footwear. As the 9th biggest country in the world, this is definitely a marketplace you want to tap into.

The number of transactions made in Spain on foreign sites accounts for more than 56% of eCommerce transactions. Their volume also accounts for more than 43% of the total value of the online market. In other words, they love to shop online.

Spanish consumers mostly purchase from the UK (14.2%), China (12.5%) and the US (10.3%), so they’re definitely looking at your online marketplaces. Now you just gotta get the item to them quickly and safely.

Cost-Effective Way to Ship Packages to Spain
  • Fully landed costs
    Fully landed costs for shipping, duties and taxes. Parcll has no hidden or unexpected costs.
  • Large volume discounts
    Large volume discounts for high volume parcel shipments guarantee cheap shipping.
  • Insurance
    All packages have parcel insurance.
Spain – Quick Knowledge & Tips
  • Spanish consumers are used to free delivery options from local online stores, but expect fees when ordering internationally.
  • Customers in Spain are used to having a return option. We can provide one and make it extra convenient for you!
  • Payment methods preferred in France are Paypal and Credit Card.
  • The most popular alternative delivery option is delivery at neighbors or housekeepers.


How long is shipping from USA to Spain?

We reach Spanish Consumers from 5 days from our US Hubs.

Who is delivering my parcels in Spain?

The Spanish Postal Service Correos is taking care of the last mile for us.

Can I add insurance for my parcels shipped to Spain?

Yes extra insurance is available, if needed. Please get in touch for more information.

What happens if a package cannot be delivered to Spain?

We receive all returned parcels in our Hub in Spain. From there we can offer various value added services, such as reship to consumer or return to origin.

What cannot be shipped to Spain?

Consumer goods, toys, cosmetics and similar items are all eligible for shipping to Spain.

Spain Shipping Info
Average Transit Time from US Hub 4-6 business days
Customs Clearance Low Value < 22 EUR = no VAT no Duty
Customs Clearance Mid Value < 150 EUR = VAT 20%, no Duty
Customs Clearance High Value From EUR 150, VAT 20% + Duty applicable
Tracking and POD 100% Tracking including Delivery Confirmation. Signed POD service available upon request.
Number of Delivery Attempts 1, then courier depot for Pickup
Remote Area Deliveries Full coverage for all areas without any surcharges.
Maximum Weights / Dimensions 44 LBS / 31 x 19 x 13 Inches
Commodities Accepted General Cargo / For anything restricted such as electronics with batteries, perfumes, hazmat, ID8000 please contact us for your dedicated solution!
Undeliverable Parcels Return to Parcll Spain, option to resend to consumer or return to origin
Compensation / Extended Liability Compensation Granted In Case of Loss or Damage with Maximum of USD 50 Per Parcel. Additional Insurance is Available for Purchase.
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