International Shipping from USA to UK

Why Parcll?

With Parcll, international shipping from USA to UK becomes simple and convenient. Cross-border eCommerce is booming and shipping from the US to Europe is becoming more and more popular. With among the fastest door to door delivery services, complete real-time tracking of shipping status and Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) shipping, our clients get the most seamless experience of sending packages across borders.

With 100% customs clearance upfront at our B2C Clearance Hub, international shipping from USA to UK becomes a hassle-free experience. No customs involvement for consumers, no taxes or unnecessary delays to worry about.

  • Delivery through Royal Mail, UK’s top final mile delivery company for small parcels.
  • Real-time, complete tracking updates of your parcels, starting from dispatch to receiving. All milestones of each and every package are included in this.
  • No extra charges and no hidden costs, either for the sender or the recipient.
  • Delivery all over the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and any remote areas, without any surcharges.
  • API Integration, we offer you a fully automated process to submit shipping data and create shipping labels.

Shipping to UK for eCommerce Sellers

The United States is the second highest importer to the UK, and the two countries have a long and rich history of trade. And it’s no wonder: between the large population, the extended life expectancy, and the annual GDP hovering around $2.622 trillion, each country has plenty of consumer needs.

At this point of time, there are about 40,000 companies that export to the UK each year. Reports state that 34% of the UK’s population regularly makes purchases abroad, with 15% buying a product online from overseas at least once a week.

Of particular note as it relates to eCommerce and shipping, consumer prices in the UK average about 10.87% lower in the UK than in the US. While prices are lower, spending is often higher, and continues to go up at a rate of about 4% per year.

Shipping Challenges in UK

US sellers must differentiate their products as a cut above the others in the competitive market that exists in the United Kingdom. Many of the complexities of UK’s politics and public policies make for difficulty with regards to complying to changing regulations and postal standards.

This should not be a deterrent to businesses looking to export to the UK, though. In 2016, the UK reported an import amount of $6.25 billion in goods and services. It is the fourth largest importer to the world, which is why exporting to the UK is a primmer offering to US sellers and shippers of all kinds.

UK – Quick Knowledge & Tips
  • Use preferred payment methods – Debit and Credit Card.
  • Plan on holiday delays. Public holidays in the UK differ from American holidays. Royal Mail and others don’t deliver on holidays in the United Kingdom.
  • British people like purchasing from overseas retailers to secure a product before it’s been released in the UK.


What shipping containers do you use?

We use Double-walled cardboard boxes and fillers to ensure zero damage to your goods.

What happens if damage occurs during transport?

We provide compensation of up to $50 per parcel if any damage occurs during transport.

Can I track my package?

Yes. YunExpress USA provides full tracking from door to door, keeping your customers updated and engaged at all times!

Efficient Shipping Solution: Parcll

It is a fact that shipping is one of the major expenses for any business. That is why eCommerce DDP shipping companies like Parcll exist, with the goal in mind to provide more cost-effective international eCommerce shipping options from the United States to Europe, and beyond. Regulations and postal changes can be difficult to navigate – but we’ve been through it and will solve these pain points for you.

Through our highly discounted rates, shipping abroad will be affordable and fast. You can expand your global market share and gain valuable customers.

UK Shipping Info
Average Transit Time from US Hub 4-6 business days
Customs Clearance Low Value < 15 GBP = no VAT, no Duty
Customs Clearance Mid Value < 135 GBP = VAT 20%, no Duty
Customs Clearance High Value From GBP 135, VAT 20% + Duty applicable
Tracking and POD 100% Tracking including Delivery Confirmation. Signed POD service available upon request.
Number of Delivery Attempts Max. 2, then post office for Pickup
Remote Area Deliveries Full coverage for all areas without any surcharges.
Maximum Weights / Dimensions 44 LBS / 24 x 18 x 18 Inches
Commodities Accepted General Cargo / For anything restricted such as electronics with batteries, perfumes, hazmat, ID8000 please contact us for your dedicated solution!
Undeliverable Parcels Return to Parcll UK, option to resend to consumer or return to origin
Compensation / Extended Liability Compensation Granted In Case of Loss or Damage with Maximum of USD 50 Per Parcel. Additional Insurance is Available for Purchase.
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