USA Network

PARCLL helps your e-commerce business get more from your shipping experience in the U.S. at lower costs.
Why Choose PARCLL?

Because demand for home delivery has never been higher — and neither have customer expectations. Because customers want affordability, flexibility and reliability and PARCLL is positioned to deliver on all three.


USA Network

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  • PARCLL delivery service into the USA

  • PARCLL delivery service into the USA

  • PARCLL delivery service into the USA

  • PARCLL delivery service into the USA


PARCLL’s sophisticated warehouse sorting operation is designed to ensure fast and efficient flow of volumes and reliable sortation to all regions in the US. 

Linehaul and Transportation

PARCLL operates a nationwide transport network between its strategic hubs, connecting not just the East- and West Coast, but all major markets across the United States to ensure stable transit times and fast parcel deliveries.

Volume Discounts

With millions of packages passing through our network each week, we’re able to achieve large volume discounts with our last mile partners, including the USPS. We then pass on these efficiencies to our customers to ensure predictable, affordable service. 

Tracking Visibility

From the first mile to last, you’ll always know your package status and location. Also, our tracking technology can be customized and is fully integrated with tracking platforms such as AfterShip or WISMOLabs in order to meet your customers’ expectations.


When will packages arrive at the customer’s door?

Depending on shipment origin and final destination, the average delivery time to customers within the U.S. is usually 3-5 business days. Expedited shipments will arrive sooner. 

What are the service days for shipping?

The standard service days are Monday-Friday, but Saturday service is available in many areas.

How do I track my packages?

PARCLL employs one global IT system in all it’s has hhubs around the world. Our tracking system, allows you to see where your packages are at any time. Tracking is available via dedicated tracking platforms such as AfterShip or WismoLabs and via  eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and many more platforms. 


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